will be a bridge between
Japan and the world!

:Photos by Mr.OKUNO Fumiyasu


Guidance/Training Program for the international workers.
Information on regulations/rules by the immigration’s services of Japan.
Lesson for Japanese depending on the learners’ levels and goals.
Assistance for life and documentations required for the international visitors/workers/residents/students.
Marketing in Japan for international companies from overseas.


Program for restaurants and hotels, etc.
Maintenance/supply for PC and the equipment.
Web-site creations and maintenance in Japanese/English.


Translation (Japanese/English/Hindi/Urdu/Persian).
Interpretation (Japanese/English/Hindi/Urdu/Persian).
Draft for various leaflets/advertisements in Japanese or English, etc.
Application or documents for Govermental matters.


Sales Promotion for SHOCHU distillers in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.
Introduction of agricultural products or products to overseas markets.
Export/Import agent including documentation/procedure between Japan and foreign countries.
Exhibition agents in Japanese markets.

About Us

Our Goal: To provide various information and services required by International Residents/Tourists.
Address: Namba-Naka 3-3-3,Naniwa-ku, Osaka-City. Osaka (KITANO Bldg. Room No.202), Zip 556-0011 *Only 5-minute walk from Nankai NAMBA Station.


The encounter might
change the history.
A European monk was introduced a Japanese fisherman who had been lost in the sea yet to be saved. They met at Malacca in Malaysia in 1547. The monk asked the young Japanese why the Japanese letters go downward. And why the lines from the right to the left, which are completely opposite to writing way of European languages. Anjiro, the Japanese guy, replied. “Why don’t you write downward? ” ”Since the human's head is up and the foot is down, isn’t it natural to write downward?” Listening to his logical explanation, the monk was so impressed and could believe that Japan is a civilized country where Anjiro belonged to. Then, he asked his headquarters to send him to Japan for missions. The monk’s name is Francisco de Xavier, who later arrived at Kagoshima, and tried to spread missions of Christianity for the first time in Japan. HOME


Is dramatically improvement
of the Corona situation
at the Indian capital New Deli?

 According to the Yomiuri On- Line News dated October 29th, the number of the patients who have antibody against the Corona virus has been drastically decreased. The ratio of the Antibody has come to over 97%. In other words, the city has maintained the close situation of group immunity.

 However, it is unknown that until when the each person immunity could be effective and it could be counter to the variant of the current virus. But, it is clear that Indian government has been taking the measures in advance for the revivals of the industries, especially for the sightseeing industry, turning the disadvantage of the Corona disasters.


:Photos by Mr. OKUNO Fumiyasu